Needle-free facial rejuvenation

PRX-T33: the non-peel peel


PRX-T33 represents the very latest in chemical peel advancements; rather than using microinjections to apply the amino acids needed for facial rejuvenation, PRX-T33 offers a means of  achieving bio-rejuvenation without needles.  The solution is simply applied to the skin used to remove outer damaged layers of the dermis, resulting in a smoothing effect and facial rejuvenation.

This chemical peel results in:

  1. Acceleration of cell turnover (skin rejuvenation)

  2. Elimination of damaged skin (exfoliation)

  3. Increased production of collagen and elastin (promoting ongoing revitalisation and rejuvenation)


The temptation to call this a peel is overwhelming since the product is based on the peeling agent TCA and hydrogen peroxide.  


However, it is far more than a peel, especially as there is no peeling and no needles. It is completely innovative. It is a skin rejuvenator; a biostimulator, a re-dermalising product. It is pain-free with no down time.  MEDfacials, Truro is currently the only clinic in Cornwall offering this treatment!

Number of treatments

No. of treatments: 

3-6 Treatments, 1-2 weeks apart



Face and upper chest area

Treatment Time:

45 mins

Recovery Time:     

Minimal Downtime


Finance option:     

Available from £150

How does it work?



The PRX-T33 is a new way to maintain youthful skin without trauma.


It is a new, needle free process, based on TCA (trichloroacetic acid), a substance used for its restructuring potential. TCA generates a very light surface exfoliation, which will give an immediate brightening effect but it also has the powerful effect of stimulating cells in the deeper dermis.  


Unlike the traditional chemical peel, this treatment can be done throughout the entire year and to any skin type.



  1. Non-invasive procedure

  2. Visible results from the first procedure

  3. No redness, peeling or flaky skin

  4. No need for sun protection as it is not photosensitising

  5. It stimulates the deeper dermis to promote longer term results


PRx-T works by using a small dose of hydrogen peroxide which protects the tissues and allows the TCA to bypass the outer layer of the skin (hence no pain or peeling).  It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and causes the release of growth factors. Growth factors start the healing process which, in turn, minimises lines, tightens skin, reduces scars and rejuvenates the dermis. Growth factors also create some swelling which provides an immediate plumping and tightening result.


PRx-T is rubbed into clean skin. It feels a bit like having a gentle peel for one or two minutes, then is washed off. Moisturiser is applied. The skin will be instantly hydrated, looking fresher and brighter, and although this effect is short-lived it is a sign of things to come. The next day, skin might be a bit dry and feel as if you have had a gentle peel, but there will be no redness, peeling or bruising.


PRx-T should be performed every week for up to six weeks; three for normal skin but six for skin that needs a bit more help with deeper lines, wrinkles, sun damage, volume loss or skin laxity. The results last for a year or so, since this treatment supports the regeneration of your own collagen and support tissues.


PRx-T is also recommended for the treatment of scars, skin laxity on the body, pigmentation and stretch marks.

PRx-T can also be combined with just about any other treatment, in fact when combined with other stimulating treatments such as dermastamp for scars or mesotherapy for skin quality, the results are greater than both procedures performed individually.

Beneficial for: 

  • Loss of skin tension on face and body

  • Loss of firmness in the décolletage area

  • Acne scars

  • Skin that lacks radiance and luminosity

  • Dry skin

  • Enlarged pores.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Recent scarring.

  • Stretch marks 

  • Age spots (melasma)

  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin

Biorevitalization and Biostimulation

The Biorevitalization and Biostimulation is part of anti-ageing therapies that use natural substances to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. 


It can help improve local vascularization which in turn can make your skin look noticeably healthier and younger.


Biostimulation is a medical treatment which aims to reintegrate the substances that your skin can no longer produce in sufficient quantities and loses through age, solar exposure, smoking and the environment in general.


The revitalization programs have rare contraindications and are useful in all types of skin.This procedure can be done with or without the use of microinjections.

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