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Would You Burn Away Your Wrinkles?

We have been so lucky to have been featured on the amazing Beauty Blog; Editor's Beauty


Here's what they had to say about our revolutionary new Tixel Treatment.


I’m already hooked in at the mention of ‘similar results, less down time’.

For those of you that don’t know, the CO2 laser is Fractional or “pixilated” carbon dioxide laser famed for bringing impressive rejuvenation results but it comes at a cost; extreme peeling and scabbing, resulting in a significant amount of downtime. Just think of that scene in the ‘Witches’ where they peel off their masks to reveal their true, hideous faces and you’ve got the idea. I tried it once and couldn’t leave the house for almost two weeks, for fear of scaring small children!

‘The Tixel on the other hand’ Dr Stolte explains ‘is a non-laser fractional treatment, which uses heat in place of a laser, to deliver heat energy directly to the skin.’

Essentially a controlled burn, tiny cones are heated to a temperature of 400°C (similar to the temperature generated by the CO2 laser beam) and pressed across the face and neck to create individual burn spots. It is these targeted burn spots, which stimulate collagen and elastin to repair the damage while tightening and rejuvenating the skin, however unlike a laser where the heat can spread more widely, there is less risk of injury.

Results showing acne scars before and after the Tixel.

Never one to shy away from a treatment that could potentially rejuvenate my complexion and rid myself of the knackered mum look, I gladly hop on to the treatment bed at MedFacials, Dr Stolte’s Truro based clinic.

Offering 3 version of the Tixel including the ‘Ablative’, for skin tightening and scar treatment and the ‘Non-Ablative’, for tightening with zero recovery time, following an earlier consultation, Dr Stolte recommends we go for option 3; The ‘Open Channel Treatment’, ideal for skin pigmentation like melasma or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Once my skin is cleansed and disinfected, Dr Stolte checks if I am happy to skip the lidocaine (anaesthetic) today. Having experienced my fair share of treatments and since we are not going for the more painful ablative treatment (where it is, I am told ‘a must have’), I agree.

As he sets to work gliding the heated metal plates across my face, eye area and neck (something I always insist on when having a treatment, because who wants a beautifully youthful face sitting on top of a haggard turkey neck?) I experience a mild stinging sensation, which although uncomfortable at times, particularly around the more delicate areas, was not painful.

Twenty minutes later and the treatment is complete. Dr Stolte hands me a vial of super strength vitamin C serum and tells me to apply the serum at regularly intervals through out the day so the serum can penetrate the open channels in my skin, promoting further skin clarity and aiding the healing process. I am also told to avoid makeup for the next 24 hours and any AHA’s.

Before leaving the clinic, I take a quick peak in the mirror and as expected, am confronted with a red blotchy complexion. Having seen my skin in a far worse state post treatment, I say my good byes and happily go about my day, not giving it a second thought when its time for the school run.

Over the next few days as the open-channels begin to heal, the redness is replaced with tiny raised scabs where the burn marks where made, but by day 7 my skin is almost back to normal and by the end of week 2 I start to notice a visible tightening of the skin.

A month later and my skin really starts to show the results. My complexion is more even, my skin tauter and fine lines reduced, especially around the ‘hard to treat’ delicate eye.

With its winning combination of high octane results and significantly less down time, it’s no wonder the Tixel is the latest skin tightening and contouring procedure causing waves amongst the aesthetics industry. Could it spell the end of the laser? Who knows but it’s certainly giving them a good run for their money.

To find out more about the Tixel or to book your free consultation visit MedFacials or email contact@medfacials.com

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