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Great Skin Made Easy

Roll back a year and my skin care "regime" wasn't in quite such good shape as it is now. It had slipped somewhat and it wasn't quite a regime, routine or anything other than washing my face with (shudder) hand soap and then slathering on (shame) some baby moisturiser I'd bought for my son's eczema-prone skin. I was lost and didn't know where to begin: so many brands, so many claims and so many terms to battle with; what on earth was a serum and was I supposed to drink micellar water or wash my face with it?!

Thank goodness then for iS Clinical (stocked at MEDFacials, Truro and available to buy online at https://www.medfacials.com/shop) who take the headache out of perfecting your skincare regime with their simple 4 Step Solution: Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate and Protect.

Within each of their steps is comprehensive range of clinically proven, pharma grade, botanically based products to suit different skin types and needs including:














For example, their Cleanse range offers two options; firstly, the amazing Cleansing Complex which gently resurfaces the skin, without stripping it of its natural oils. Its great for daily use and is particularly brilliant for skin prone to breakouts or acne. For drier or more sensitive skins, they offer the Cream Cleanser which is gentler and creates a barrier for added skin protection. How easy is that to get started with the first step of your new regime?

To make it even simpler, iS have done all the hard work for you and have put together some brilliant skin optimisation kits for each of the 4 steps: targeted for acne prone skin, rosacea prone skin, dry skin or for anti-ageing, these kits are a brilliant way to simplify your skin care regime and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

To find out more about the iS 4 Step System and which products would be best for your skin's needs, please give us a call at MEDFacials, Truro on 07886250647 or drop us an email at contact@medfacials.com

We are always happy to see you for a no-obligation consultation in clinic too; we understand how confusing choosing the right skin care and treatments can be and we aim to take the stress out of that choice and guide you with our 30 years of experience!

Skin care doesn't have to be scary, complicated or confusing; just let us lend you a helping hand and we can get your regime in tip top shape in no time!

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