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A stitch in time...

Time waits for no man (or woman) and while we all may strive to take the very best care we can of our skin, sometimes lotions and potions aren't enough to prevent the tell-tale signs of ageing. This may be a lack of fullness in some places, or a newfound puffiness in others (around the mouth anyone?!), a loss of tightness and elasticity or deeper and more pronounced lines. Botox and fillers are a great way to keep lines at bay and regular peels and facials can help to boost the production of collagen and elastin to help keep our skin looking firmer and plumper. But what if its still not quite enough and surgery is a definite no no?

Developments in surgical procedures have rocketed in recent years and the PDO or V Soft Threadlift may be the answer you are looking for. The V Soft Lift is a modern, innovative non-permanent thread lifting system and is very different from the traditional permanent thread lift.

The V soft thread is thinner than a hair and consists of polydioxanone - the same material surgeons use for dissolvable stitches during surgery. Each thread is between 1 centimetre to 1 inch long and is placed wherever needed, overlapping in a criss-cross shape to create a mesh effect. This gives it a much more targeted effect that the traditional lift, making results look more natural and less 'pulled'. The threads dissolve in around 3 months while your skin responds by releasing platelets and growth factors. These effectively wrap around the threads and shrink as they heal, leaving a firm foundation of tight collagen where the threads were.

When done correctly, the risk of scarring is absent, there is minimal downtime and the procedure is virtually pain-free, taking just 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the number of threads you require.

It is perfect for those who want to combat the earlier signs of ageing but want to avoid the cost, risk and recovery of a traditional facelift.

Makeup artist Sarah Jagger had one done and blogs about her experience at https://www.sarahjagger.co.uk/the-new-face-lift-that-actually-creates-more-collagen/ She says of the V Soft Lift;

"Yes, it really does work.

My face feels firmer without any telltale signs that I’ve had anything ‘done’. In fact the results are so subtle that when I look in the mirror I can’t really see a massive difference but my face feels so much firmer to touch, my makeup doesn’t collect in the lines between my nose and mouth because the line is no longer as prominent and I can’t grab any skin around my jowly-bits anymore. My skin feels noticeably thicker and plumper. And this is all thanks to a revolutionary new technique that has actually forced my skin to produce more of it’s own collagen."

For more information about this revolutionary new procedure, you can visit www.vsoftlift.com or for a more personal touch, you can call Dr. Stolte at MEDFacials, Truro to discuss any questions you might have. Simply give him a call on 07886250647 or if you would like to book an initial, no obligation consultation, head to https://www.medfacials.com/book

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