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My Personal Fire + Ice Journey

The beauty industry can be a confusing, noisy place to be and with so many products screaming for attention, it can be hard to know which treatments are right for you and which ones are actually worth spending money on. I first came to MEDFacials, Truro in August 2016; a very tired mummy of three very small children and a skincare regime in tatters. My daily 'programme' consisted of (usually) washing my face with whatever was to hand and then smearing my tired, sallow complexion with Oilatum Junior (pinched from my eczema prone baby). I needed a boost. I needed a miracle. Dr. Stolte recommended that I try the Fire + Ice Facial as he felt that this would be effective enough to give my skin a well needed boost and help to combat the signs of fatigue and age. I have the early signs of rosacea but was reassured that this treatment was also gentle enough to be used on problematic skin; having an experienced and highly qualified consultant guiding me through this process made me feel relaxed and assured that this treatment was the right one for me.

The facial started with a deep cleanse using the iS cleaning complex which is a gentle, but effective cleanser which begins the initial smoothing and softening process. This was followed swiftly by the 'fire' part of the facial - and it was far less scary than it sounds. Using an intensive resurfacing masque of pure sugar cane extract (a natural source of glycolic acid) with retinol and vitamin B3, this is effectively a gentle peel, providing rapid and controlled exfoliation without causing damage to the skin (so no actual peeling or downtime thankfully). It smelt divine (a bit like Christmas) and I relayed the feel of the mild tingling sensation to Dr. Stolte, who carefully monitored my skin's response to the product. The 'fire' was then neutralised and treated with the divine rejuvenating masque (the 'ice'); a luminous, natural, cooling masque which infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid (to plump the skin) and antioxidants including aloe, green tea and liquorice root to soothe, reduce any inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis. The remaining facial was a delicious blend of massage, LED Phototherapy and iS clinical products; carefully chosen and blended to hydrate and nourish the skin from inside and out, to restore, protect and encourage cellular rejuvenation.

And so the results; my skin was pink and looked freshly scrubbed, but not alarmingly so. The pinkness faded quickly and within half an hour, I was left with a healthy, glowing complexion. I felt as if the old, tired, sallow skin had been stripped back and I definitely felt boosted, tighter, brighter and revived. After just one treatment, the Fire + Ice facial had given me noticeable results, particularly around my dreaded forehead area (I am prone to frown at times...) and I was genuinely pleased and a little bit astonished that a facial could achieve so much. People commented on my skin (without prompting) and two of my friends immediately booked in for their mummy rejuvenation session too.

But don't just take my word for it... here's my (genuine) before and after photos, taken by Dr. Stolte at MEDFacials, Truro. Oh, and a few comments from some very famous people too... xx

To the left, the forehead of doom pre-Fire + Ice

To the right, the same area immediately post treatment. Result.



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