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This Peel was initially developed for professional use. As part of a home care regime this exciting peel will deliver radiant, bright and healthy skin - safely and effortlessly. It is suitable for all skin types, requires no preparation and has zero downtime. Also available in boxes of 5 and 10. 

Peel2Glow is a 2 Step home care treatment. It is based on an exfoliating and a glow effect step. It's based on 7 skin solutions using unique technologies and innovative formulations, which will bring an immediate glow to your skin with powerful anti-ageing and skin health benefits. 

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Step 1: The Peel
The first step of this treatment – the ‘Peel’ - exfoliates the superficial layer of the skin, removing the dead skin cells and impurities and aids penetration of active ingredients from the GLOW solution.

Step 2: The Glow

Moisturises and protects the skin against external aggressors and pollutants.

Enhances skin texture, tone and radiance. Contains Vitamins A, C & E and a Moisturiser Complex.

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