Hydrating Facials

Hydrating Facials


1. DERMAPRO Facial 

The ultimate stimulating facial in relaxation and high performance.  This signature facial combines the benefits of treating problem areas along with the protocols to include a specialised lifting technique, hydrating and re-energising the skin for a healthier complexion.

Duration: 2 hours £140.00


2. Champagne Foaming Enzyme Optimising Facial 

Designed to revive tired and congested skin, this results driven treatment facial features a powerful Foaming Enzyme Masque system, combining papaya & pineapple enzymes with a potent clinical level grade of glycolic acid.  The luxurious foam exfoliates and deep cleanses to reveal a polished, radiant complexion.  Suitable for sensitive skins and rosacea.  Book in for yourself or with a friend or partner to enjoy a relaxing treat together.

Duration: 55 minutes £59.00 SPECIAL OFFER

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes £110.00 SPECIAL OFFER COUPLES FACIAL.


3. Eye Bright Treatment

The eye treatment uses a collagen eye mask and is especially suitable for clients who suffer from dry, dehydrated skin around the eyes.  To target dark circles and puffiness a specialised eye massage using lymphatic drainage techniques is recommended.  This improves circulation and revitalizes the eye area.

Duration: 45 minutes £60.00


4. Hydra-Lift Collagen Treatment

The focus for this intensive repairing treatment is the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst softening fine lines and wrinkles.  This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels and is perfect for dehydrated or sun damaged skin.  This treatment will leave the skin feeling youthful and enlivened with an even appearance.

Duration: 60 minutes £80.00


5. Galvaderm Facial

A fusion of science and nature!  This treatment gently uses ionised gels containing plant extracts to balance, protect and hydrate, giving the skin a healthy youthful appearance.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes £80.00


6. Dermal duo treatment

A superior treatment technique combining the effects of the resurface and peel treatment, LED light therapy and specialised techniques designed to relieve tension with our formulations helping to rejuvenate and energise the skin.

Duration: 1hour 30 minutes £ 150.00


A course of treatments is recommended for your facial at our Aesthetic skin care clinic in Truro, Cornwall.

Book 3 treatments within 3 months and receive 30% discount on 3rd treatment

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