The Signature MEDface-Lift


Address the signs of ageing in a beautiful, natural way.


The Signature MEDface-Lift

When you think about beauty, what do you imagine?


Self-confidence, inner strength, total independence, intelligent thinking, a sense of adventure.


So, the thing Beauty is a ‘calling’, an invitation. Something that invites our attention. Something which automatically kindles our awareness a bit brighter; and then that awareness is directed towards it and lasts for a longer duration of time than usual.

And that’s why; the universal definition of ‘Beauty’ is: Beauty is a ploy of Mother Nature; just to continue herself.

Now, the question inevitably arises: How?


At MEDfacials, we empower people to age well and feel great.

Collagen and confidence ebb with age. MEDfacials Dr Stolte pioneered The MEDface-Lift as the ultimate non-surgical aesthetic procedure to lift and tighten the face by combining innovative thread technologies, and next-generation dermal filler techniques to address the signs of ageing in a beautiful, natural way.

What makes the Signature MEDface-Lift so special?

Dr Stolte uses Silhouette Soft® technology, which is a unique facial rejuvenation procedure that elevates sagging facial skin without the need for surgery, scars, or general anaesthesia  It is a simple, in-office procedure to re-contour the face of your patients by elevating the deeper layers of their skin


It is completely tailored to you and your needs; no two treatments are the same.


It redefines your facial contours and stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production.


It is a simple, non-surgical procedure taking less than 60 minutes, but lasting up to 24 months or longer.

We might even enhance the outcome with dermal fillers or other techniques and treatments.


It is performed by Dr Stolte and his team. Some of the best results and impact of the MED-FaceLift are achieved through:

- redefined jawline and reduced jowls,

- less evident nose to mouth lines,

- increased volume in the mid face and contour of cheek, by tightening laxity and reduced crêpey skin and will continue to improve over time.

What happens during a facelift?

A non surgical facelift involves the careful injection of fillers that can help to replace lost volume in specific points in the face. This can help to increase the firmness of skin, create volume where it has been lost and decrease the appearance of fine lines like crows’ feet and laugh lines. The results of the procedure will vary from person to person. Through a consultation, you can get a better idea of what to expect from the treatment given your own circumstances and the recommended approach.


How long does a facelift take?

On average, a facelift will take around 90 minutes, but it’s not unheard of for procedures to take up to 2-5 hours. After the surgery, you should be able to go home on the same day.


How many treatments should I need?

A facelift is a long-term cosmetic surgery, so you should only need on treatment, provided you receive it from a qualified, experienced surgeon.


Is anaesthetic used during a facelift?

Yes, you will receive one of two types of anaesthetic during the procedure. In some cases, local anaesthetic is applied to the area the surgeon will be operating on, which involves injecting the anaesthetic directly into the area. The other option is a topical anaesthetic, which are similar to local anaesthetics but are applied manually on the skin.


What are the side effects of a face lift?

Some side effects are expected as a result of a facelift treatment, including bruising, swelling and soreness, all of which should subside within 2 days. If they persist, you should seek medical attention.


Persistent symptoms could be a sign of hematoma. If you also experience a fever, this may be due to a infection. Some patients may also experience an allergy to the anaesthetic used during the surgery or asymmetry.


When do I see results from my facelift?

The results of a facelift vary from person to person. However, the lifting effect is immediately visible while the complete rejuvenation of the face and the natural, youthful look that comes with it should come into effect within 3 months.


How long should my results last?

Once more, results will vary, but the results of your facelift should last from between 18 months to 24 months. If you want to maintain your appearance, you can arrange consultation for a repeat treatment.


How quickly can I get back to work after treatment?

Some patients may be back to work in the same day, but recovering from the bruising and swelling that comes immediately after the treatment can take up to two days. Most patients allow for three days before returning to work.


How long does it take for a full recovery?

It takes an average of 14 days for you to recover completely from the treatment, after which you should suffer none of the side effects and feel no pain. If any issues persist after this, get in touch and we can see if any complications need to be addressed or if it might simply take more time.

MEDface-lift list treatment summary


Results may vary from person to person.


Procedure time

90 minutes per session

Recommended number of treatments

1-2, other treatments, such as fillers might be done on a different day



Local and Topical


Side effects    

Infection, bruising, swelling, soreness, asymmetry and allergy



Lifting effect visible immediately, rejuvenation effect at 3 months


Duration of results     

18 - 24 months


Back to work 

The same day, 2 - 3 days for most patients, however, can be some bruising


Full recovery

7-14 days max, often 1-2 days.


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